Spritely Releases New Companion App

February 21, 2022

Spritely is proud to announce the release of its new Companion App for friends and whānau. If you know someone who uses a Spritely touchscreen in a retirement village or has one at home for health reasons, you can now link your own phone with their age-friendly tablet using the Spritely Companion App for iOS and Android.

Spritely’s new companion app makes it easy for family members to keep an eye on ageing relatives and stay connected, even if distance or covid-caution prevents regular in person catch ups. We know how important it is to be in regular visual contact with our elders and we know how important it is to them.

With Spritely, seniors feel healthier, safer, and more connected and now with the new companion app friends and whānau can feel more at ease.

The team at Spritely have done an amazing job making it very easy to link a companion app to one of our age-friendly tablets. The 3-step process takes less than a minute. It has been designed so seniors have full control over who they accept as companions. They can also control exactly what permissions each companion is granted.

Once friends and whānau have connected their companion app, they can enjoy 1-tap video calling, view health vitals (such as blood oxygen and temperature) in real time and monitor the welfare of loved ones to ensure they’re up and around as usual each day. This is especially important at a time when people are worried about the physical and mental effects of the pandemic on vulnerable groups.

With Spritely’s new companion app it’s possible for families to remotely support the health and welfare of older people they’re concerned about. By adding it to the home screen of your smartphone you’re adding an extra layer of connection and care to keep the people you love healthier and safer.

Spritely will keep adding features to the companion app so, join our mailing list If you want to keep up with all the latest innovations and developments.

If you’re interested in purchasing Spritely for yourself or a loved one, then please click here for information on preordering our soon-to-be-released consumer product, which will be available to anyone and everyone – not just people in retirement villages.