Spritely's devices have been carefully chosen to be as hassle-free, useful, accurate, and beautiful as possible.

The Tablet

With a slim design and outstanding performance, the Spritely tablet is a stylish new companion for your patients' lives.

The bright, 10.4" screen makes reading and navigating easy, while the remarkable 7mm (1/4") thickness makes holding, carrying and manipulating effortless.

Built by Samsung - the world's most experienced mobile device manufacturer - and loaded with our special, award-winning software, the Spritely tablet is the perfect addition to home life.

Spritely tablet on home screen
Spritely hypertension blood pressure monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Spritely's blood pressure monitor allows patients to take blood pressure measurements in their own home, quickly and wirelessly.

The monitor is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and can be used with just one tap.

Blood Oximeter

Non-invasive and easy to use. Just clip to your finger for blood oxygen and heart rate readings. Pulse Oximetry is perfect for those struggling with  pulmonary issues such as asthma and COPD. The oximeter also has an irregular heartbeat indicator that can help to identify issues with heart health.

Spritely hypertension blood pressure monitor
Spritely hypertension blood pressure monitor


The FDA approved thermometer can provide early warning for colds and flus. Usable in-ear or on the forehead, the device will wirelessly send readings to the tablet to be recorded.

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