Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Why was Spritely created?

Spritely was created to improve quality of life for seniors by making them healthier, safer and more connected.

Who is Spritely for?

Spritely is for seniors who want to take an active role in managing common health risks that get worse with age.

It’s also for retirement village operators that want to make communication easier and increase the efficiency of their operation, and for healthcare providers who want to use telemonitoring to deliver efficient new models of care.

What is Spritely?

Spritely is software that runs on a touchscreen tablet which is placed in the home. The software can connect the tablet to a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, thermometer, scales, a movement sensor, a 24/7 emergency response company, and a subscription medication service.

The software also makes video calling easy, keeps residents in close contact with the village and makes it easy to stay up to date with what’s happening around them.


What is included with Spritely?

At its most basic, Spritely includes age-friendly software, a covered and protected touchscreen tablet on a tablet stand with a charger. This package can then be upgraded with movement monitors, medication dispensers, and bluetooth health monitors including blood pressure monitors, scales, thermometers and pulse oximeters.

What happens if the WiFi fails?

If the WIFI is down, the system is actively disabled (for safety). A message appears which explains that the internet is not working, and instructs people to use alternative systems in the home. In retirement villages this could include phones and emergency call bells.

Privacy &

What about data and privacy laws, how is Spritely legally compliant?

Put simply, we do everything possible to ensure that your data is kept secure and private.

Our well documented health information policies are based on the latest Health Information Governance Guidelines published by the Ministry of Health - specifically HISO10029:2015 and HISO10064:2017.

We also use an independent organisation to verify Spritely’s security practices to further mitigate the risk of unauthorised access.

Is Spritely 'watching' like Big Brother?

No. For all Seniors their data is their own and it is not shared with any third party. Spritely also has no video or audio recording (unlike most smartphones for example). Spritely's aim was always to offer a level of insight (for safety) without compromising privacy.

What is the risk of hacking?

We have rigorous access and security policies in place to protect your data.

We also use an independent organisation to verify Spritely’s security practices to further mitigate the risk of unauthorised access. For added safety, access to the tablet itself is highly restricted. It is locked in ‘kiosk’ mode so that Residents can only use the Spritely application and some lower level parts of the Operating System (Device Settings, such as WiFi networks). The tablet cannot be used for general internet browsing or email because it is restricted and protected.

No personal information is permanently stored on the tablet. All data is stored in a cloud based data centre managed by Amazon.