Spritely Integrates with Private Care NZ

February 27, 2023

Providing care services under the umbrella of New Zealand Health Group, the country’s largest in-home healthcare provider, Private Care NZ offers a range of services tailored to individual clients’ requirements. Bringing together a diverse array of services, Private Care NZ can support people to remain in the comfort of home for longer.

In a retirement industry first, Fletcher Building’s Vivid Living has given all their residents touchscreen access to book and manage Private Care NZ services from the comfort of their own Vivid Living home.

Older New Zealanders looking for a safe and secure community can now choose Red Beach on Auckland’s North Shore. Houses constructed by Fletcher Living are all equipped with Spritely’s easy to use touchscreens, connecting them with community news, social activities, nutritional meals and now health services: including homecare services from Private Care NZ.

Working with the team at Private Care NZ, Spritely has integrated with the My Homecare management platform developed by New Zealand Health Group. My Homecare is now a permanent feature of the Spritely tablet, empowering Vivid Living residents to book and change appointments, view their entire schedule, see who is arriving for each appointment, message their support worker and find useful information about homecare services.

Spritely and Private Care NZ have helped Vivid Living create a completely new option designed for older Kiwis looking for retirement living that suits them. By creating a simple way for residents to connect to the health services they need, Vivid Living keeps fees low and even shares capital gains with their residents. This approach puts residents in control of their own healthcare services, giving people choice and flexibility.

Spritely is delighted to announce its integration with Private Care NZ and proud to be a key part of what makes Vivid Living different. Check out the Vivid Living offering here and see what else makes them unique.