Hear Your Residents More Effectively with Spritely

May 24, 2022

As a retirement village operator, the voice of your residents is sometimes hard to hear, but with the right systems in place it can be your greatest asset.

When villages have a process for collecting, analysing, and responding to their residents’ comments, complaints and concerns, the goodwill and service improvements they generate can provide a competitive advantage that is hard to replicate.

Unfortunately, this information is often hard to analyse and even harder to gather. Paper surveys and comment slips are impossible to distribute, collect and track, and digital systems can be difficult for residents to use.

After in-depth conversations with customers, we recognised the need to provide robust and easy-to-use systems that not only help retirement villages communicate effectively with their residents, but make it easy for residents to communicate with management.


Many retirement villages conduct annual resident satisfaction surveys, helping them figure out which areas of their service are excellent, and which might need improvement. Typically, these surveys are printed on paper, delivered to every resident, then collected, collated and digitised – the whole process taking hours and hours of staff time.

Spritely’s survey module leverages the digital tablets already installed in every household to make this process infinitely easier. With Spritely, village staff simply construct the survey from their laptop – listing all the questions, options, and recipients – then send it out to every resident with a single click. Residents answer the survey from their tablets in the comfort of their own homes, and the results are immediately viewable on the Admin Portal for analysis and discussion. Spritely even tells you which percentage of your residents have answered the survey, and shows you those who might need follow-up.

When the survey process is made quick and easy, villages find themselves sending more surveys than ever before – whether to all residents, or just a select group involved in a particular activity or service. Residents feel listened to, and managers have more regular information about where to focus their attention.


With Spritely, residents don’t have to wait for a survey sent from village management to provide feedback. The feedback feature is a permanent part of our tablets, which enables residents to provide compliments and complaints any time they like. With the tap of a button, residents can choose from a custom list of village services (meals, activities, healthcare, etc.) and rate that service out of 5 stars, with additional comments. These pieces of feedback are instantly transmitted to the Admin Portal, where they can be collated, reported on and most importantly, responded to in a timely manner.

The ability to submit feedback at any time makes residents feel heard, and the 5-star system allows villages to track the quality of their services over time and identify problems early. Even better, the system requires no paper whatsoever, and all feedback is conveniently catalogued in one place.

How Qestral and St John Use Spritely to Improve Resident Experience

When gathering feedback is quick and easy, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Qestral’s Alpine View Lifestyle Village has used Spritely surveys extensively, for everything from allowing residents to vote on which charity to support with a fundraiser, to evaluating the desire for waste disposal units in the village’s kitchens.

St John uses surveys in its telemonitoring service to gather health information from its patients, track their mood over time and confirm upcoming telehealth appointments.

Listening to the voice of your customers is crucial in any retirement village or aged care setting. Spritely can channel this voice in ways which open up new possibilities, while saving operators time and money. By listening to the voice of your residents, you can create competitive advantage and significantly improve resident satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more about how Spritely can revolutionise communication at your company, you can read more here or contact us here.