Connect, Care & Contain

March 17, 2020

The rapidly evolving situation around Covid-19 has prompted retirement village operators to make sure their infectious disease protocols are up to date and regularly assessed as being fit for purpose.

The events of recent weeks (here and around the world) have forced many operators to consider how they will meet the challenge of a “mass” self-isolation event at one or more of their villages.

Dutiful operators are putting in place systems to manage communication, medical monitoring and provide telehealth services for any residents that are affected.

Radio New Zealand News, Saturday 14th March, 8:21pm

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced late this afternoon wide ranging travel restrictions which mean as of midnight tomorrow anyone coming into New Zealand will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

The only exemption is for people coming from the Pacific islands, but New Zealanders returning from overseas will not be exempt.

This announcement makes self-isolation inevitable for many retirement village residents returning home from holiday this week.

Village Operations Affected

Many retirement village operators will want to help residents comply with self-isolation orders. They have a duty of care for everyone in the village and this starts by doing everything possible to contain the virus and limit contact between those that could be carrying it and others.

Operators might choose to suspend group activities until further notice, they might close certain facilities such as restaurants, swimming pools and cinemas and they will almost certainly be stepping up their cleaning and hygiene protocols.

Some operators are going even further. Villages that have Spritely are using our age-friendly technology system to:

  • Frequently communicate with isolated households whenever new information is available
  • Wirelessly record health vitals including temperature, blood pressure and heart rate
  • Remotely monitor symptoms via a digital symptom tracker
  • Conduct telehealth video consultations between health practitioners and concerned residents

Spritely Contain

The new Spritely Contain module was released this week. This module helps retirement villages keep their residents healthier, safer and connected, as new events and stronger directives require more seniors to self-isolate.

The new module has been made available at no extra cost to all villages that have Spritely, so that every resident can now access symptom tracking, vitals recording and telehealth.

Spritely Contain has already proved essential for villages that want to ensure effective communication at every level.

National Health Agency Communications

The latest information regarding Covid-19 can be quickly updated at any time and displayed instantly within our telehealth module. This is extremely important during a pandemic or any emergency when the situation is rapidly evolving and advice changes by the hour. People need to be made aware of the latest advice as soon as it is available.

Retirement Village Communications
Specific notices regarding what is happening in the village can be shared instantly on the noticeboard and read by everyone. This is important so that day-to-day management can continue with as little disruption as possible.

Specific Household Communications
Residents can use the system to report their symptoms, record and share health vitals and undergo face-face video consultations with a nurse, without the need for physical contact with any health professional.

Spritely is pleased to roll-out Spritely Contain to all customers in an effort to keep seniors safe, protect health workers and reduce strain on the health system at a critical time.