Age in Place with Spritely

June 1, 2022

Statistics show that most over 65s want to age in place – that is, they want to stay in their own home as opposed to moving into a care centre or retirement village. These retirees are connected to their local communities, routines, and settings, and are reluctant to undergo such a significant lifestyle change. They can also be hesitant about moving to a retirement village living due to the cost.

However, aging in place gets more and more difficult with age. Mobility worsens, health problems arise, and social isolation can become a problem. Without support, many of our most vulnerable community members are forced to move into a more intensive setting sooner than they would like.

Spritely has been designed to alleviate some of the most common difficulties retirees have with aging in place and help them stay independent for as long as possible.

The Statistics

The preference among retirees for aging in place is clear. 77% of respondents to a 2021 American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) survey wanted to stay in their current home for as long as possible – a number that has been consistent for more than a decade. Given that the number of older adults in New Zealand is expected to double over the next 20 years, solving this problem is incredibly important.

Perhaps the largest hurdles for those wanting to age in place are health related. The Ministry of Health reports that 40% of men and 50% of women over the age of 75 have hypertension, and this is just one of myriad common medical conditions that can make independent living more difficult, and which require constant attention and management.

Loneliness can also be a huge problem for our most vulnerable. A 2016 government social report found that although loneliness tends to decrease with age, this trend is broken in the 75+ age bracket with nearly 13% of respondents feeling lonely most or some of the time.

How Spritely Can Help

Spritely has been designed from the ground up to help retirees stay independent for longer.

Our multi-award-winning system is easy to use for people of all ages, and includes many features that address challenges associated with aging in place.

The one-tap, wireless medical monitors provide a convenient way of tracking and managing common conditions like hypertension and COPD from home, without having to have frequent visits from a health provider. They are perfect for those who need some extra help managing their health, but not full time care.

Its simple video calling and Companion App features allow seniors to connect with their families anywhere in the world, reducing social isolation. Its games also help to keep their minds sharp.

Spritely is available to any senior within New Zealand today. If you would like to know more, explore our website here or make your purchase here.