Digital Health Festival - Beyond the Booth

May 23, 2024

Spritely attended the Digital Health Festival in Melbourne earlier this month. We were hosted on the NZTE Pavilion with 11 other NZ companies looking to expand their presence in Australia.

Digital Health Festival in Australia is a great forum for industry partners and health staff to share ideas and discuss innovative approaches to the challenges facing health systems around the world every day.

Judging by the packed exhibition hall at DHF it must be challenge enough just deciding which industry partners to work with. There were more than 150 companies exhibiting at DHF (and many more attending) covering everything from payroll software for admin staff to virtual reality hardware for surgeons.

Buyers we talked to were looking for more than just digital solutions that could be “demonstrated” at the booth during a conference. Our conversations quickly moved to who Spritely worked with and who in those organisations would vouch for the effectiveness of our solution.

I got the sense people were looking for products with a track-record for creating value in real-life settings. Not ideas that were just “demo-ready” and trying to fit a perceived or hypothetical problem where the value remained somewhat intangible.

Several of Spritely’s current customers joined us after we introduced them to organisations that already worked with us. Not only did they get an objective appreciation for the value our platform delivers, but they also got an idea of what it is like to work with us and be supported by us. That is an incredibly important (but often overlooked) aspect of value.

For health execs attending conferences this year and wondering which industry partners to work with, go beyond the booth – ask to speak to vendors existing customers and get a good idea of what it is like to work with them and whether their solution is being used in a way that is relevant to you and fit for your own purposes.

Long-term value comes from long-term partnerships built on high levels of trust, support that goes beyond expectations, and solutions that remain fit for purpose over time.