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Spritely measures vital signs, monitors welfare and makes video calling quick and easy.

Health & Welfare Monitoring Kit

Spritely enables you to take control of health monitoring & welfare checks for you & your loved ones.

Our Health & Welfare Kit includes a delightfully simple tablet and an FDA approved medical device of your choice, making it easy to record blood oxygen, temperature, heart rate & blood pressure.

Our companion app for iOS and Android allows families to keep an eye on their loved ones' health and welfare in real time from anywhere.

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Why Spritely?

Trusted by Experts

Spritely products are used by St John, Nurse Maude, and some of New Zealand's most trusted aged care providers.

Spritely is multi-award-winning, and has been featured in Stuff, One News and the New Zealand Herald.

Delightfully Simple

The Spritely tablet has been designed from the ground up for non-technology experts. Hundreds of seniors across New Zealand use it daily.

Peace of Mind

Spritely customers rest easy knowing that their health is under control. If they need to talk to a medical professional, they know that all of their measurements are readily accessible to provide a more complete picture of their health.


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Record your own vitals and actively manage your health.

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Video Calling

Invite friends and family with a free companion app.

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Current weather around you, updated throughout the day.

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Keep your mind sharp with word and number games like Sudoku.

Quote Mark

The health monitoring programme is excellent. Temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and the ability to record all this daily. I sent it to my doctor, saving me a trip and saving her valuable time.



Quote Mark

Spritely means that I'm much more in control of my own health.



Peace of Mind for Your Loved Ones

Spritely is perfect for older people, especially if they live alone and family members are worried about them.